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When you need a hand, we’re here to collaborate, plan, execute and deliver. We’re powerful partners you can depend on to reach your goals. VideoEnvy owners Heather Sasser and Pat Lee have been collaborating on projects for more than a dozen years. They met when producing emotional and impactful stories for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. He's the tall bald guy that turns heads and breaks the ice in the room. She's the one that keeps everyone organized and on task. Together, the tiny crew of two can produce pieces on level with 10+ people production crews which saves you money. Don’t worry, when a bigger production or project is required, we call in our best partners to help capture all the moments. We’re scalable to meet your needs.

Heather Sasser

President & Co-Founder

When in high school in a small town in Indiana, a trip to an Indianapolis TV station sealed Heather's future. She was hooked on the news business. She pursued her passion studying Broadcast Journalism at the University of Texas. She started her career in St. Joseph, Missouri at KQTV where she had to do it all: photographer, editor, and on-camera talent. One time, while standing near a gas pump interviewing gas station employees on a lovely winter's day, the wind blew, her eyes watered and little ice cubes formed on her eyelids. She knew it was time to move somewhere warmer.

Heather then headed to vast West Texas and landed in Abilene where she not only covered the police and courts beats for KTXS-TV, but also small town Texas charm. Her best breaking news story —standing smack center in a pit of rattlesnakes covering the world famous Rattlesnake Round-Up in Sweetwater, Texas.

She followed her love to Las Vegas where she worked for the NBC affiliate covering a historic flood, massive city growth, and even Nevada's version of the running of the bulls. Heather then worked for CoverEDGE, a Las Vegas production company that provided crews for everything from national entertainment TV shows to local casinos. Heather produced 30-minute shows for the local flood control district, and traveled the state to produce a documentary on Nevada's Ghost Towns. (For the record, she didn't find any ghosts, but did stay in some rather frightening small towns.)

Heather moved to Houston in 2001, dragging her feet the whole way. More than 12 years later, she's now a proud Houstonian. She has spent most of her Houston years so far honing her production skills. She worked for the Muscular Dystrophy Association as a fundraiser, event coordinator and producer of the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon, where she produced compassionate and compelling stories on local families battling neuromuscular disease. For six years, she worked for atgnat, a local video and web production company. There, she wore all hats including producer, writer, talent, sales and billing/collections. Heather has a knack for listening to a client's wants and needs and producing a product that meets them. She can take a project and run with it.

Heather is currently serving as the Director of Luncheon Services for the American Marketing Association’s Houston Chapter. This is her fifth year as a volunteer board member. She’s also a member of NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners), HIMA and the Greater Houston Partnership. Heather graduated from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program in August 2017.

Heather is also an avid runner. When most are sleeping, Heather is getting up to train for her next race. She's run 10 marathons including the Boston Marathon twice. As many runners do, she’s often contemplating retiring from the sport.

Another passion is her family. You'll find her most nights and weekends chasing her two boys and cheering for them on the soccer fields, basketball courts, swimming pools or baseball diamonds. The Sasser household doesn't slow down. Her husband Brian just tries to keep up. When there's a break in the action, she enjoys travelling and exploring new places.

Pat Lee

Vice President & Co-Founder

When a very small, unassuming car pulls up, you don't expect a 6'5" bald guy to climb out of it. That's Pat Lee - you can expect the unexpected. He can work magic in a small tiny office. Clients are shocked when they see what the final product looks like especially without a Hollywood studio.

Pat started his career as an intern at KPRC-TV. It wasn't long before he was a full-time employee. He worked in just about every department at Channel 2 during his 13 years there including Sports, News, Production, Promotions and Sales. He was the primary photographer and editor for the 30-minute program called "What's the Buzz with Roseann Rogers." Plus, he was a segment and post-production producer for "Gimme the Mike!", and he's shot and produced for national non-profit telecasts including the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Pat also shot and produced TV commercials for scores of local area businesses. In fact, he's twice won best local commercial by the Houston Press.

In addition to his photography skills, Pat's post-production video work is unmatched. He can make the impossible, possible. He has removed cricket sounds from an outdoor shoot, removed logos from industry equipment and made thousands of people shine.

After 13 years in local news, Pat headed to atgnat, a local Houston video production company. Here he was the company's only video photographer, still photographer, web designer and editor. Pat doesn't beat around the bush; he tells you how it is, what we can do and how we can make it work. Pat adapts his production skills to the environment — whether he's shooting a feature segment or producing a quick commercial spot. He is a proud member of BNI — Referral Masters and fills the role of visitor host.

When he's not working the camera or the editing machine, Pat enjoys spending time with his two boys and his wife, his high school sweetheart. You can catch him singing karaoke, playing Rock Band or fixing up his 1974 Corvette Stingray. He's also a movie and documentary fan. When he watches a movie, he's looking for camera angles, special effect errors and learning "just how they did it" — all things most movie goers never notice.

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