Video Marketing Award Winners

VideoEnvy Wins Two AMA 2020 Crystal Awards

VideoEnvy today announced that its entries “LiquidFrameworks Basic Energy Testimonial” and “Families Empowered: Parrish Family” won the 34th Annual AMA Crystal Awards. LiquidFrameworks video was entered in the category Video: Marketing/Sales B2B and the Families Empowered video was entered into the category: Video: Special Event. This year Houston’s only results-driven marketing awards received 287 entries in more than 80 categories from marketing, communications, advertising, design...

Making Graduations Meaningful Virtually

Making Graduations Meaningful Virtually

You mark it on your calendar. You count down the days. You plan the parties. Graduation is celebrated by students, teachers and families. Whether you’re in high school or college, medical or law school, or a masters or doctoral program, graduation marks an important milestone. It’s the culmination of hard work, persistence and dedication.

With Covid-19, graduations are being postponed or cancelled. However, there is still a way to celebrate graduations and continue to recognize students and their achievements...

Using Video To Tell Your Story During Uncertain Times

Using Video To Tell Your Story During Uncertain Times

The coronavirus pandemic has shifted the way Americans conduct business. Companies are adjusting to home offices, leaner staff and travel bans.

Videos are a useful business tool allowing you to create compelling and impactful stories to engage your teams, employees and customers more effectively. They can be used both for internal and external communications. Videos build brand awareness, generate leads and educate customers...

Corporate Video Production FAQ

Corporate Video Production FAQ

Q: How much time does it take to shoot a video?

A: It varies based on the subject, the expected length of the final video, and its purpose. Social media videos like our VideoShorts can be shot in an hour which includes set up time. A 3-minute video typically takes a ½ day to a full-day. Videos that require multiple locations to capture content can take more than a day...

Person holding a futuristic tablet surrounded by lots of images in a futuristic space.

Three Reasons Why Video Content Benefits Your Social Media

These days, there are so many things that are trying to grab our attention. As we’re pulled in this direction and that direction, attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. This concept applies to social media too. We know that from our personal usage. As you scroll through your feed, you’re only going to stop and pay attention if the post stands out. That’s where video content comes in. There’s nothing that grabs your attention better than a compelling video. Here are three reasons why you should add video content to your social media mix...

Marketing Agencies And VideoEnvy Are Perfect Partners

Marketing Agencies And VideoEnvy Are Perfect Partners

Marketing and Public Relations Agencies simply can’t put their client's video needs on the back burner anymore. Video is king and now more than ever people just expect businesses to have video.

Your clients may be asking for video help and we know there is already a lot on your plate as an agency professional. Outsourcing the job to a video production company just makes sense. Why?

Marketing Agencies And VideoEnvy Are Perfect Partners

Video Marketing Strategies - 8 ways to use your video

Oh, happy day! You finally got your video produced! You sent it to your mom and best friend and they love it…… but NOW WHAT? What is your video promotion strategy? Not sure? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Luckily, there are a few things you can do that will help your video get shared and seen by the right people.

1. Get your video in the right place ASAP. Just including video on the landing page of your website can increase conversions by 80%.

Social Media VideoShorts from VideoEnvy

What happens in Video Post-Production?

Often people are surprised when they learn that longest process of making a professional marketing or sales video often takes place after the video is shot. While you have pre-planning and the video shoot day, post-production is where the heavy lifting happens. Post-production includes editing, sound correcting (no more ums!), graphics and several other fine-tuning tricks that make a successful, beautiful video...

Social Media VideoShorts from VideoEnvy

Need Ideas? 20 Types of Videos Your Company Should Do

You know you need to add video, but maybe it just doesn’t fit into your marketing budget. Or, maybe you don’t have the staff or know how to get started. The simple and affordable solution is VideoShorts. A VideoShort by VideoEnvy is just like the name says - a short video. These (max one minute) videos are the perfect way to keep content fresh, engage people on social media channels, help with email newsletters and drive people to your website...

15 Common Video Production Terms You Should Know

15 Common Video Production Terms You Should Know

“We need to go shoot someone, so grab the dead cat and make sure we are not hot.” Ok, you probably wouldn’t hear a video professional say all of these things in one sentence, but these are all common terms that may raise an eyebrow if you don’t know what they mean. While there are hundreds of video industry terms, it could be handy to be familiar with a few of them. We picked out some of the most common production language you might hear when working on your next video project...

7 Reasons You Should Consider Adding Video To Your Marketing Plan

7 Reasons You Should Consider Adding Video To Your Marketing Plan

It’s no secret video is a great way to reach people and one of the best ways to drive your message. It’s only going to keep growing in popularity. Online video is set to account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020 (Cisco). But, you might need help convincing your boss to make video a budget priority. Here is a great list of reasons to add video to your marketing plan, complete with video examples...

Video Production Producer

What is a Video Producer?
(and why you probably need one)

Behind every great video is an organized producer who helped make the magic happen. While many people have no idea what a producer actually does, a successful project usually can’t happen without one. A Producer is in charge of the video production, making sure every aspect turns out just right whether this is for a corporate video, a testimonial or a training video. Producers must be organized and understand all the elements of video production. They must be cool under pressure, able to manage crews and make people feel comfortable during interviews...

You need video, so DIY or Hire

You Need Video: So, DIY or Hire?

Have you ever come across a video online and started to watch it, only to realize there was bad audio or blurry images you couldn’t see? You click right off of it, right? BAD VIDEO IS ANNOYING and it could be damaging if your company is the one sharing that bad video. (Can you say - “unfollow?”) That’s why it’s important to get it right...

Hurricane Harvey Anniversary: Are you prepared if another storm hits

Hurricane Harvey Anniversary: Are you prepared if another storm hits?

As we approach the one year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey, there are a few lessons we learned that are good reminders as we are back in another hurricane season. VideoEnvy teamed up with the East End Chamber of Commerce to bring you important stories from around the community in our “Houston Rebounds” communications outreach. Here are a few important takeaways we talked about right after the storm...

9 TIPS: How to get the best interviews for your video

9 TIPS: How to get the best interviews for your video

You are set to do a video interview - either for TV, social media, a commercial or just for fun. What now? First of all, take a deep breath, it’s not as hard as you might think. There are a few simple guidelines you can follow to get the best interviews for your video.

What to wear? This is one of the most common questions we get asked before doing an on-camera interview. First think about something you feel the most comfortable wearing...

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey affected our entire community.
Here’s Heather’s account of what happened in her neighborhood.

Sunday 27th forever changed Houstonians. It’s hard to describe the last 8 days. Sunday morning, the water started rising. Brian already had told a 78-year-old neighbor that he would check on her if we started to flood. That morning, her house had 3 feet of water and it was rising. Brian gathered neighbors, a pool float and went to rescue her and her dog. She came to our house that had no power with nothing – a pair of pants with holes in them, no shoes, a cane and her only prized-possession – her dog Harrison...

Hurricane Harvey

In August, Heather graduated from the Goldman Sachs
10,000 Small Businesses program.

The 19th cohort of small business owners recently completed the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program at Houston Community College (HCC). The celebration ceremony took place Friday, Aug. 18 at the HCC Alief–Hayes Campus.

These business leaders spent 14 weeks, roughly 100 class hours, at HCC studying a business and management curriculum designed by Babson College and delivered by HCC faculty...

Bench the newsletter, promote your conference with video instead

Conference planners market their events every day. They use social media posts, email blasts and the good old fashioned snail mail.  Their goals are universal. They want to reach their right target audience to increase attendance to their events.

But what if simply reading that information is not enough? A conference needs the people reached to be interested enough to attend. This is no easy task, but with the popularity of conferences, it’s necessary...

How To Record Your Child’s Event

The baseball game is exciting with the score tied in the top of 5th. Your son Timmy is tapping home plate with his bat and eyeing down the pitcher. He’s ready to knock the ball out of the park. You immediately pull out your phone to capture the moment in video.

Bam! Timmy hits the ball, slides into second and brings in a runner. You’ve got it all on video!

Hours later, you’re loading the video to your Smart TV and realize it looks a bit odd...

Flop Your Thought

Words. We’re taught from childhood that they don’t always matter. If a mean boy or girl bullies you with words, we’re told – “They’re just words – forget about it.” But, words do matter. So, do actions. And, so do videos. They all matter. They all shape your views and beliefs. They influence your decisions.

As our country comes off a very difficult week, we ponder. We think. What words should we say...

Music To Your Viewers' Ears

As soon as someone mentions the movie Jaws, you can hear the “duuun dun duuun dun” in your head. It’s a classic thriller song evoking fear in millions of movie watchers. Imagine if you watched the movie and the Lion King’s “Circle of Life” song replaced the traditional Jaws music. You may think a colorful, vibrant fish would pop up doing a little jig...

Marketing Lessons From Half Marathon

Limited availability. For a limited time. Exclusive merchandise. All these marketing phrases were designed with one goal – to get you to say YES! I recently attended a small sporting event in Vancouver, Canada and ran away thinking the company perfected this “you only have once chance” marketing strategy....

When Your Video Makes An Impact

I’ve been producing videos and telling stories for more than two decades. With each video, I always learn something new about an industry, person or cause. It’s what makes the job exciting. I always say I know a little about a lot of things. While each and every video is important, producing a video for a charitable cause is unique. Being able to tell the story of someone impacted by an organization can be life changing...

Post-Production Video VS Post-Production Photos

Can you remove X from the video? Can you straighten my necklace? Can you remove those papers from the desk? These are question we’re often asked after shooting a video. In the days of digital photography, you can often eliminate anything from the background. In turn, you can also add anything. If one of your employees is missing from the group photo, you can simply “photo shop” them into the setting. Super models – as pretty as they are – are often thinned down, tired eyes removed and imperfections touched-up...

To Use or Not Use a Teleprompter?

We all have our pet peeves. Maybe it’s as simple as the toilet paper being put in “wrong” (pull down, not up, right?) Or, it’s the dirty socks that end up all over your house. For video production folks like us, one of our biggest pet peeves involves a simple reading device called a teleprompter. You’re probably familiar with it. Brian Williams uses it for the NBC Nightly News. Local news anchors use prompters. You may have even caught a newscast when the teleprompter crashed, and the news anchors were scrambling to find their place...