As soon as someone mentions the movie Jaws, you can hear the “duuun dun duuun dun” in your head. It’s a classic thriller song evoking fear in millions of movie watchers. Imagine if you watched the movie and the Lion King’s “Circle of Life” song replaced the traditional Jaws music. You may think a colorful, vibrant fish would pop up doing a little jig. Like in movies, music plays a key role in video production. The music sets the tone for the entire piece. Whether you need to build emotion, offer hope or hold attention, music is your answer. At the same time, bad music selection can do the opposite. If the genre doesn’t fit the video’s purpose, you’ll lose the viewer’s attention. Music can win over your viewers or lose your viewers.

Let’s take a look at a few examples:



When this video opens, it’s dramatic and attention grabbing.  Imagine if we took that same piece of video and put in a different track like this.



The video loses its punch.  Let’s look at another example:



Dramatic, over-the-top music helps sell this new product.  If we replace it with an upbeat track, it loses its effect.




When your video doesn’t need to be dramatic or over-the-top, music is still key.  Let’s look at this corporate video.



What do you feel? Excitement and energy.  You want to be part of this event. Imagine if we took that same video and put in this music.



It doesn’t work.  The conference suddenly loses its appeals.

While music may seem like an after-thought, music can be more than a finishing touch.  Music may get a customer excited about your product or service. Music may get a potential donor to pull out her wallet.  And, music may keep a client’s attention so he can learn more about your business.

VideoEnvy expertise in video production includes choosing the right music track for your project.  Our musical library and resources ensure your video will deliver your message effectively.