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BlogEnvy: Product Education Videos

BlogEnvy: Product Education Videos

Video can be a powerful tool in helping you reach your goals, whether that be educating your audience or capturing leads. In Wistia’s 2023 State of Video Report, 52% of companies said that “product education” was their top goal with video.  

Product videos are an amazing way to showcase your products in action, explain their features and benefits, and how to use them. They’re also useful when introducing new products and allow potential customers to understand what they need from the product before they even buy it. 

We’ll cover how product education videos can help you to achieve your goals, as well as some best practices for creating them. 

To achieve successful product education, companies will need to ensure that their video content is informative, engaging, and easy to understand. 

  • Your videos should be able to answer questions like: What does your product do? How does it work? Why should I buy it? How much does it cost? And what are the benefits of using this type of technology versus another type of technology in my industry?  
  • Using simple language and a conversational tone are the best ways to make your video content easy to understand. Remember that your audience is interested in learning about your product, so keep things simple.  
  • If you want people to retain information from your video content after watching it, using visuals or infographics can help keep viewers engaged by making learning fun; plus, they make it easier for viewers who may not have English as their first language because visuals can help explain complex concepts better than words alone ever could. 

Product videos help you build trust and credibility with your customers, ultimately leading to increased sales and revenue.  

  • Product videos are also a great way to connect with your audience on an emotional level. You can use them to tell a story about your product, feature customers who have been helped by it, or share testimonials from people who have purchased it. 
  • Product videos can be used to promote your brand as well as products. Including a call-to-action at the end of your video encourages viewers to visit your website or contact you directly.  

It’s important to optimize your video for different social platforms and devices. You can use product videos on your website as well as social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to reach a wider audience and increase sales. 

  • There are many different social media platforms, each with its own size requirements and best practices. It’s important to optimize your video so that it looks good on all of them. 
  • You should also consider how users are viewing the videos on their devices, as this can affect how they engage with your content. For example, if someone watches a product video on Facebook from their desktop computer, they might be more likely to read the description or call-to-action button at the end than if they were watching it on their smartphone in bed before going to sleep.
  • Also, users are more likely to share video content than other types of social media posts. 

Product videos are an excellent way to showcase your products in action, explain their features and benefits—and how they solve problems for customers. They can also help you build trust with people who see or hear about them: prospective buyers looking to buy a product like yours will be more likely to do so if you stand out as an expert within the industry.