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Video Production Services

Why Hire A Video Production Company?

We get it. You have a budget, and it seems easy to go with the least expensive option including shooting the video yourself. We encourage you to take a step back and look at things in perspective. Would you hire someone with little or no experience to handle one of your company’s biggest projects? Probably not.

Our Houston video production company has spent years perfecting our skills. Plus, we have the professional equipment to make your corporate video shine. Our cameras are 4K professional grade. We have full audio to ensure no one struggles to hear what is said. Not only do we have all the lighting, we know how to use it.  Plus, we’re experienced with all details of pre-production and post-production.

Video Production

We provide full video production services for any format of video including corporate videos, about us videos, school virtual tours, broadcast commercials, fundraising videos for non-profits, promotional, instructional, how-to videos, and social media videos.

Our video production unit is equipped with HD cameras, professional lighting, high-tech audio equipment, a portable green screen, and more. Our crew will ensure the production runs smoothly. On every shoot, we provide a producer to ensure the video shoot stays on schedule, the correct shots are captured and the interview goes smoothly.

Our post-production includes editing using Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, royalty-free music, and other special software to enhance your project.

We can handle your entire project including concept, scriptwriting, professional voice-over, project coordination, producing, and post-production. You don’t have to worry. We handle all the details and will guide you through every step.

Video Production

Virtual Events

Ready to take your in-person event to an online virtual experience? VideoEnvy can produce the key videos to make the event a success and provide the live production with multiple cameras and microphones.

You pick the platform. We handle the production. Not sure which platform to use? Contact us and we can point you in the right direction.

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Media Buying

Are you ready to get your message heard or seen? VideoEnvy can get your commercial on local television networks, national television networks, cable systems or satellite providers. We work with your budget and your target audience to create a media buying plan that offers a strong frequency and reach. Our staff has experience placing ads on a variety of TV and radio network and stations. If you need a media buyer, give us a call.

Content Writing

Content Writing

Keeping your news content fresh is a busy task and often gets overlooked. VideoEnvy can help. We can write your updates, your blogs and your email blasts. Stay relevant with our help.

Post -Production

If you already have video, we can help you turn the raw footage into a story. Our post-production work includes video editing, voiceover work, music, sound effects and graphics. We can deliver your final product in any format to anyone in the world.



We get it. You want videos and understand the power of them, but they don’t fit into your marketing budget. Plus, you don’t have the staff to create them.

Good news. We’ve got a solution from VideoEnvy called VideoShorts.

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