The 100 Club

Amanda Hurst

We produced four individual feature stories for The 100 Club. We shot, wrote and edited the videos. We wanted to produce stories that shared how The 100 Club truly impacts families. Shooting in each family's home, we were able to get them to relax and intimately share their heartbreaking and inspiring story. Viewers needed to be able to connect emotionally to each person. Combining the interviews, video and music, we created this connection. The videos are on the non-profit's website. They were also played at a gala. In addition to the full length videos, we also created four :30 second commercial spots to be used in online and broadcast advertising.

The 100 Club has helped Amanda stay in the home she built with her husband and to raise their son in the town that has embraced them.

Brandie Wallace

The 100 Club is making it possible for Brandi to focus on her family of five, without financial worry.

Derek Dees

With the help of The 100 Club, Derek has graduated from Texas A&M University and is now in law school.

Jacki Dowling

With the support of The 100 Club, Jacki can be there to support her husband in his recovery with no worry about the family's bills.