Gardner Denver

Oil & Gas Promotional Video for Pump Manufacturer

Houston-based pump manufacturer Gardner Denver wanted to promote is Pump University classes. The educational classes train their customers on how to properly maintain their pumps. We produced the video during a half-day shoot using professional lighting, cameras and audio. The client provided a script and the voice-over talent for the promotional video. Our video production team provided all the post-production including editing, music and graphics. The corporate video is now being used by Gardner Denver on its website and YouTube channel.

Gardner Denver Service Tech

Gardner Denver needed a video to showcase its service capabilities. The client wanted to model the piece after its campaign "We’re there. Wherever there happens to be." We produced the video from conceptualization to post-production.

Gardner Denver Pumping Network - Episode 11 OTC

When you need a quick turnaround on a project, we can help. Our experience as former broadcasters makes us keenly aware of tight deadlines. This Gardner Denver piece is a great example. We were at the client’s Offshore Technology Conference Booth at 8:30 am for set-up. We shot video footage and on-camera segments with host Jared Stone. We kept our client on task and focused on capturing all the elements of the video which is not easy at an event attended by 100,000 people. By noon, we wrapped up production. By 7:00 pm, we delivered a fully edited four minute piece. The client’s post-production agency added in graphics, music and transitions.

Gardner Denver Batting 1000

Gardner Denver wanted to promote it fluid ends for its pump. We wanted the approach to be fresh. To complement a print campaign, we produced a baseball themed video. April is baseball's opening month, and we wanted to tie in to this piece of Americana.