Society for Pediatric Research

Conference and Promotional Videos

Each year, the Society for Pediatric Research goes to Washington, D.C. to lobby on behalf of children. Knowing that not all the congressional leaders would be available for the one-hour presentation, SPR needed to record edit for future use. Since VideoEnvy was not permitted to video in the Congressional House Building due to government rules, the House A/V company provided the camera to record the session. VideoEnvy was then given the raw footage and tasked with creating a summary video of the one-hour session. We chose the best messages and edited this video.

In addition, SPR wanted an enhanced marketing video about its mission, the importance and how government-funded research makes a difference. During PAS 2018 in Toronto, Canada, VideoEnvy interviewed the SPR members that lobbied in DC. We then transcribed the soundbites and created the script. VideoEnvy then provided all video post-production services including editing, sourcing stock photo and designing video graphics.