Non-Profit Video - Fundraising Video for AlzTex

The Houston and Southeast chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association needed a video to tell its local story and mission. While the national chapter provided videos, the local non-profit wanted to feature local clients. VideoEnvy and the Alzheimer’s Association held pre-production meetings to identify video goals, clients, shoot locations and imagery. During a full-day video shoot, VideoEnvy interviewed clients affected by Alzheimer’s including family members. Although a very tough and emotional topic, we were able to get the families to open up and tell their personal story on-camera. We found out about the devastating affects of the disease and how the non-profit is helping those fighting it. We also shot video of group meetings and lifestyle classes. After video production, we reviewed the two hours of video interviews. We then used their words to create a powerful script about Alzheimer’s and its effect on people diagnosed and their loved ones. We edited the piece together using a combination of footage, graphics and music. The video debuted at the organization’s fundraiser.