BHP: Xplor Interview Week

Today's client video is one we produced for BHP featuring its Xplor Interview Week. BHP brought together a team of experts to interview junior explorers to become part of its first-ever accelerator program. Is your company planning a corporate event with video production? It's important to work with a video production team whose priority is to understand your goals and objectives in order to produce storytelling videos that are game-changing and that resonate with your audience.



The BHP Xplor program is the first of its kind.

It's a very interesting new way of thinking about exploration.

It's a fascinating and exciting opportunity to really engage with brilliant people with original ideas and how we might be able to support them in taking those forward.

We got applicants from every continent, from every background.

We have a broad range of junior exploration companies and academic technical experts.

Amazing people with strong values, strong mindset on what it takes to run a good exploration company and a proper exploration campaign.

It's a win-win. I will say it again, like win for BHP and win for them.

We want this to be the vehicle for these applicants to be able to accelerate their ideas and with it be in a much better space after this journey together with BHP.