Software Promotional Video

Houston’s LiquidFrameworks hosts a user conference each year. To kick off the conference, LiquidFrameworks wanted to showcase a testimonial from one of its customers. VideoEnvy was hired to produce the video. Our pre-production services included pre-interviews, logistics and shoot day timeline. During production, we shot at the customer’s location near San Antonio, TX. We provided a two-person crew with an interviewer/producer and a videographer. We set up two 4K cameras for the interviews to get different perspectives. After production, we transcribed the soundbites and scripted together the story. We provided all editing and video graphics.

Video Testimonial

When you want a great video testimonial, we recommend going to the client’s location and capturing the day-to-day operations to see how your product or service positively impacts the work. Houston’s Liquid Frameworks wanted to show how Dover Artificial Lift is using its Field FX product. Prior to production, we worked with the Liquid Frameworks team and Dover Artificial Lift to understand messaging, tone and goals. We provided a preparation package including questions for the interview subjects and tips on how to prepare. We shot on location in Houston with a producer and videographer for a half-day. Not only did we capture great interviews, but we were able to get action-packed shots. In post-production, we designed video graphics to emphasize key talking points.

The final video was shown during Liquid Framework’s annual Field FX conference.