Steps For Students 5K Run 2023 Promo

Steps for Students is an annual event benefiting the 56 Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. VideoEnvy shot and produced this video of their 5K fundraiser which helps provide scholarships to keep tuition affordable, update facilities, and support school priorities. When you're ready to start a project of your own, give us a call: 832-299-4955.


[MUSIC PLAYING] Steps for Students is awesome. The energy is infectious. Once you're here, you never regret it. Go! And they're off! If you watch them coming down here at the beginning of the race, you're astonished at how many people are here. 10,000 runners out here. It's so wonderful to see all these folks out here. [MUSIC PLAYING]

I took many pictures with some of the kids from my school. They were just so excited. It's the one event where all of our students, whether they're in pre-K or whether they're in high school, they're coming together. It's good to see the little ones running. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Kids have a lot of fun. We have a lot of fun, the adults. Priests have a lot of fun. It's just great that we're a great big Catholic family. I think that's the best. [MUSIC PLAYING]