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Thursday Tips: How To Use Camera Angles

Thursday Tips: How To Use Camera Angles

What kind of camera angles should you use for your next video? Watch as we cover the basics you should know before your shoot.


When you’re shooting a person on camera, there’s two ways that you can approach it. You can have the person look directly into the camera, like I am now, or you can have the person look slightly off-camera, like I am right this second. There’s no right or wrong way. It all depends on the video. So let me give you some ideas of when you would approach it one way versus the other.

If you’re creating a corporate video with an executive giving a message to his or her team members, you want that person to look directly into the center of the lens so they can connect with the audience. If you’re creating a training video, that’s another time where you would look directly into the lens. Now, if you’re creating a storytelling video or a documentary style video, that’s when you would look slightly off-camera, like they’re being interviewed.

You also have to think about who the person is on camera. Do they have any experience? If they don’t, it’s much easier to shoot an interview style video, where the person’s looking off-camera and they forget that the camera’s even there, and they can give honest and emotional answers. And then when it’s time, you can always add an appeal at the end of your story to look directly into the camera. These are just a couple of tips to help you decide on your next video shoot.