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User-Generated Video Plus Professional Video is a Win-Win

User-Generated Video Plus Professional Video is a Win-Win

Why you should include user-generated video in your professional video


User-generated video/content: any form of content or video provided by the viewer.


With the rise of social media, user-generated content has taken the world of media by storm, and for good reason. UGC gives us eyes in situations we would otherwise never witness and connects us in a way that goes beyond video screens. It makes us feel as though we were part of the event we see on our screens. That’s why incorporating UGC in professional video combines the best of all worlds for the most impactful storytelling.


User-generated video: authentic, relatable, credible

User-generated video (UGV) is in the same marketing vein as word-of-mouth recommendations. Why? Seeing a client recommending a product or service in a selfie video or other styles of UGV transcends the barrier of the screen and talks directly to the viewer, connecting the viewer (your prospective client) and your UGV client. It acts almost as a built-in review of your work to the viewers; if a person is willing to have their face in your video they must trust your work – right? This increases your brand’s credibility because people trust other people’s reviews. According to the Nielsen Consumer Trust Index, 92% of consumers trust UGC more than they trust traditional advertising.


UGV also increases authenticity and relatability in your brand. It often captures moments that are more private or intimate – moments where a professional camera would intrude and interrupt the authenticity of the moment. (Needless to say, always make sure you have the proper permission to use UGV.)  Other times, UGV captures unplanned moments by simply being in the right place at the right time and having their phone camera rolling. Those are the moments that usually evoke the most raw and authentic emotions, which you don’t want to exclude from your marketing video! People respond to emotions and they respond to authenticity. UGV promises both. 


Does that mean you should ditch professional advertising video altogether? We wouldn’t recommend it. 


SAA Tiger Girls – Social Media 3 Sisterhood from VideoEnvy on Vimeo.


Professional video: focused, increased production value, expert consult

As great as UGV is for marketing videos, it can not replace professional video. The best and most effective route is combining UGV with professional video. The clear advantage of using professional video is the reason you would seek professional consultation in the first place: an expert eye and guidance. Professionally produced video is great for creating a targeted message and helping get that message across in a structured and visually pleasing manner.  That strategy may include the use of UGV. Consulting with a professional can help you target your message and maximize the video’s efficiency. Just as the use of UGV gives your video an increased sense of credibility, so does the use of professional video. It shows your viewer that you realize the benefits of integrating both video sources in a successful marketing approach. Professionally produced video usually has a cleaner finish, which makes it more digestible for the viewer. The professional production value gives your brand an extra boost of credibility by aligning your brand with the sleek professional aesthetic offered by expert video production. 


So if UGV and professional video each have their advantages in promotional videos, it only makes sense to combine the two and maximize their success. 


SAA Tiger Girls – Overall Video from VideoEnvy on Vimeo.