Affordable Marketing Videos To Generate Leads

We get it. You want videos and understand the power of them, but they don’t fit into your marketing budget. Plus, you don’t have the staff to create them.

Good news. We’ve got a solution from VideoEnvy called VideoShorts.

VideoShorts allow you to keep your social media channels updated with fresh content. VideoShorts can drive people to your website. They can engage readers of your email blasts. And, they can keep you fresh in mind.


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What is a VideoShort?

A VideoShort is essentially just like the name says – a short video. These :30 second to 1:00 minute long videos are the perfect way to give a company update, showcase a special you’re offering, highlight a specific product, give a brief analysis on the latest trend or go behind the scenes of your company.

VideoShorts should be done monthly to keep content fresh. While the videos are shot professionally and include professional audio and lighting, these aren’t fully polished and produced videos. These are like one-act plays.

If you want a storytelling video with multiple scenes, interviews and high-end graphics, VideoEnvy offers full production videos. You can check out our portfolio and give us a call at 832-299-4955 or fill out our contact form.

How does it work?

VideoShorts are shot at your location in one hour.

We show up with an experienced professional videographer who understanding lighting, framing, composition, and audio. We bring the professional videography gear including a professional camera, one light and one microphone. You provide the content. We’ll shoot whatever is on your mind as long as time permits. You, or someone you choose, will be the on-camera spokesperson. You’ll deliver your message straight into the camera with a bit of coaching from our seasoned videographer. We’ll then shoot any supporting footage.

We head back to the video editing suite, and we’ll edit your video together using your best takes and editing in the supporting footage. We’ll use royalty-free music from our library stock and we’ll create basic graphics for your company name, title and any featured selling points. We’ll send you a link to review the video, and you’ll have one round of changes which must be specified within two days of us sending you the link. Once the final changes are made, we’ll send you a link to download the HD 1080p video.

And, then you do the rest. Send out on social media. Use it in your email blasts. Promote with a link via text message.

What type of videos are good for a VideoShort?

Product Sales – highlight your monthly specials
Product Demonstrations – show off the features of a product
CEO updates – give quarterly updates to your board members or employees
Employee features – find out what the person does daily
Business tips – give advice to entice them to want more
Safety Tips – Give employees weekly safety tips and safety reminders
Seasonal sales – show off what’s new this month or quarter
Employee Recognition – Build company morale by recognizing outstanding employees
Tips of the trade – establish yourself as the expert, no matter the field
Q & A – answers the questions you’re commonly asked

How much does it cost?

Like any purchase, the more you buy in bulk, the cheaper the price.

Our prices range from $900 for one video to $1,400.00 per month for four videos. Three-month minimum commitment required. Commit to a year and get four videos per month for only $280 per video!

Not sure what videos to produce or how to get started?

VideoEnvy offers video consultation services to create your business and marketing strategy. We can create your VideoShorts editorial calendar, discuss where to display the videos and how to track the ROI. Drop us a line, give us a call or fill out the form below and let us know you need these services. We’ll be in touch soon.