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How to turn your in-person event into a virtual conference

Turning your in-person conferences to virtual conference isn’t easy. In 2020, we’ve all been on Zoom, Go To Meetings or Teams calls where a person’s camera isn’t positioned correctly, she sounds mumbled or the dog is barking in the background (ok, maybe that was our dog.) Your virtual events don’t need to look like at-home movies. At the same time, we understand part of what makes a live event unique is the real live experience. Combining both production elements creates an even better virtual conference experience.

VideoEnvy can be your virtual event partner creating pre-produced elements including video graphic packages, opening videos, panel discussions, customer testimonials and investor presentations. Creating these items in advance allows you to streamline the messaging, remove home distractions and tell your story succinctly. Pre-produced videos also allow you to give a flawless conversational delivery while removing awkward pauses, ums and catch words. In other words, we make you look good.

All these elements become part of a live virtual experience. For the live aspect, we bring in multiple cameras, audio and all the technical aspects to create a live production piece using your web platform of choice. And, we do it all using Covid-19 safety guidelines.

Our team started our careers in the television broadcasting. We’ve been on all sides of a live event from reporting/anchoring to running camera to producing to directing. In 2019, we provided all the live production elements of Rice’s Commencement Exercises which included five cameras, operators, pre-produced graphics, live directing and feeding into the client’s network for a live YouTube broadcast. In 2020, we turned the live event into a virtual event.


VideoEnvy is also producing panel discussion videos for virtual events. We produced this three-camera video shoot for AMA Houston. We then edited the video combining all three cameras with the four audio sources. During the live event, AMA opened with live comments from the President and then played the video. After it ended, AMA Board Members were back on camera and facilitated a live Q&A from the audience via the chat window. Panelists answered the viewer questions live.

Are you busy pivoting your in-person event to virtual? If so, give us a call or fill out our contact form. We’d love to hear about your virtual conference and learn how we can support you in producing an engaging experience for your guests.