Behind-the-Scenes Content

Behind-the-Scenes Content

Why You Should Add Behind-the-Scenes Content to Your Social Media

Social media has completely changed the way businesses interact with their customers. And whether you think that’s a positive change or not, keeping up with the trends is part of the social media landscape. One of those trends is behind-the-scenes content. Behind-the-scenes (BTS) content is any video or photo content of the process that customers don’t usually see behind the product/service you provide. This gives customers the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of everything that goes into your business and what makes you unique. It connects the customers to your company brand and increases trust.

Customers like watching the process that creates the product or service they are purchasing. Think of when you go into a pizza shop and see a cook throw a sheet of dough in the air. Or when you go out for Hibachi and watch the chef masterfully flip and turn and grill your meal then deliver it directly on your plate. It makes you feel part of the process and builds your trust in the restaurant because you see how they create the product they deliver to you. The same thing applies to behind-the-scenes content on social media. Humanizing your brand and showing your customers part of the behind-closed-doors process for some products increases the trust in all your products. It makes your company seem more real and relatable and that’s what consumers trust, time and time again.

Behind-the-scenes content can also include showcasing your employees. Your employees are what makes your company unique and what better way to show that than highlighting their personalities and accomplishments. This gives customers a peek into your company culture and, especially if your company offers services rather than products, it shows potential clients who they will be working with. Putting faces behind a brand increases trust and reliability: a company’s main focus in being able to get new clients and retain established clients.

So what are some examples of behind-the-scenes content you can post to your social media or website?

  • Staff parties, workshops, interesting lunch meetings. Anything that shows your employees having a good time and furthering professional development is great BTS content.
  • Updates and announcements. This is a great way to spread important information while also incorporating the BTS aspect as these can be testaments to a growing business or other company accomplishments.
  • Show your employees in action. These are the typical scenes most people think of when they think of behind-the-scenes content. It can be a picture or video of employees working on a new product, or brainstorming new ideas. It can be photos of your employees providing the service you are selling. Whatever best represents your company, show your employees in action.
  • Employee intros & descriptions. Humanizing your company starts with your employees. This can be highlighting special accomplishments or introducing new hires. Customers want to know the faces behind the company.
  • Sneak peeks to future announcements. This is a great marketing tactic that builds anticipation for future announcements. Revealing small details gives the customer enough information to excite them and keep them intrigued for the final reveal.