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Let VideoEnvy Max Do It For You

VideoEnvy Max is our all-inclusive video production package that takes care of your video marketing needs. We’ll shoot, edit, and deliver professional quality videos that will save you time so that you can focus on other important tasks in your business.

Video marketing doesn’t mean creating one video and putting it on your website. Video marketing should be included as part of your year-round marketing plan. When you’re pushing out content whether through email, social media, paid advertising, or sales materials, video should be part of it. With video marketing, you’re not just getting your message out there – you’re building a lifelong relationship.

We’ve Got You Covered

VideoEnvy Max provides fresh video content to fill your year-round calendar. Four times a year, we’ll shoot and produce a three-to-four-minute video. Plus, from each shoot, we’ll also create four short social media videos, one promotional video and four behind-the-scenes photos. That’s 24 professionally produced videos in a year. Fill in the rest of the year with user-generated content and you’ve got a great video marketing plan.

We Get to Know Your Company or Brand

Pre-production, full-service production, and post-production are included in the VideoEnvy Max package. We can even assist with content strategy and ideas. For the four video shoots in the Houston area, we provide two videographers, a producer, multiple cameras, professional audio, and lighting. We can even add a drone for a tiny fee. We’ll be on location for a full day to capture the on-camera interviews and the supporting video footage. Post-production includes editing, royalty-free music for the project, creation of video graphics for titles, call-to-action graphics, and key-selling points. 

The Perfect Video Production Package

The four video shoots can be planned around your timeframe. Want to do it quarterly? No problem. Want to produce all the videos in a month and bank the content? Sure. Want to shoot it all in a week because you’ve got the team assembled? You got it.

VideoEnvy Max is perfect for customer testimonials, recruitment videos, employee spotlights, CEO quarterly updates, product or service announcements, and more.

Want the best news? By signing up for VideoEnvy Max, you’ll save 20%, nearly $9,000. It’s like buying three marketing videos and getting one free video!

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