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We get it.  You want videos and understand the power of them, but they don’t fit into your marketing budget.  Plus, you don’t have the video equipment or the staff to create them.

Good news. We’ve got the solution for you.  We call them VideoEnvy Minis.

These mini videos allow you to keep your social media channels updated with fresh content. 

VideoEnvy Minis can:

·       Drive people to your website

·       Establish your team as experts in the field

·       Give opinions and analysis on industry news

·       Attract new employees

·       Answer frequently asked questions

·       Promote sales or events


What is a VideoEnvy Mini?

A VideoEnvy Mini is essentially just like the name says – a mini or short video.  These 30-second to one-minute-long videos are the perfect way to give a company update, showcase a special you’re offering, highlight a specific product, give a brief analysis on the latest trend, or go behind the scenes of your company.

VideoEnvy Minis are done monthly to keep content fresh.  While the videos are shot professionally and include professional audio and lighting, these aren’t fully polished and produced videos.  These are like one-act plays.

If you want a storytelling video with multiple scenes, interviews. and high-end graphics, VideoEnvy offers full production videos. You can check out our portfolio and give us a call at 832-299-4955 or fill out our contact form

What is the video production process of VideoEnvy Minis?

VideoEnvy Minis are videos shot at the location of your choice.    

We show up with an experienced professional videographer who understanding lighting, framing, composition, and audio.   We bring the professional videography gear including a professional camera, lights, and microphone. 

You provide the content, ideas, and script.   We’ll shoot whatever is on your mind during the one-hour video shoot.  You, or someone you choose, will be the on-camera spokesperson. You’ll deliver your message straight into the camera with a bit of coaching from our seasoned videographer.  We’ll then shoot any supporting b-roll footage. If you’re camera shy, no worries. We can record you delivering the audio only and edit the piece using the video footage we shoot.   Our VideoEnvy Minis packages come with two choices:  four or two finished videos.

After the video shoot, we head back to the video editing suite, and we’ll edit your video together using your best takes and editing in the supporting footage.  We’ll use royalty-free music from our stock library. Using your brand guidelines and logo, we’ll create video graphics for your company name, title, and any featured selling points. 

We’ll send you a link to review the video, and you’ll have one round of changes. Once the final changes are made, we’ll send you a link to download the file. And, then you do the rest.  Post it on social media. Use it in your email blasts.  Promote with a link via text message.  Heck, put it on the big screen in Times Square.  Just make sure you have a marketing distribution plan in place to ensure you get the best ROI. 


What’s my video commitment and what’s my cost?

VideoEnvy Minis require a three-month commitment.  We offer two sizes.  You can opt for four videos a month which lets you publish weekly videos.  Or, you can opt for two videos a month which will give you content every other week. Each video shoot is one hour. 

Your monthly investment for four one-minute videos is $1,440.

Your monthly investment for two one-minute videos is $1,280. 


What else should I know?

VideoEnvy Minis are geared for quick, simple video content.

Make sure you plan ahead to make the most of your time.  You’ll want to think through where you want to shoot and who will be on camera. We’re on location for one hour which means the on-camera segments need to be near the area where we will shoot the supporting video footage.  We won’t have time to set up in an office and then head four flights downstairs and across the building to get warehouse footage.  Instead, we would want to shoot the on-camera segments in the warehouse.  

If the Minis are a tad too small for you, we’ve got other options.   You can add on an extra hour to your shoot and even increase the number of videos.   For $800 more, you get one more shoot hour and four more Minis.

If you’re not sure what video content to produce, no worries.  We can add content strategy and development to your package for $1,100 per month.


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Fine Print

You know we have to have it.  Shoots must be scheduled M-F 7a to 7p.  Weekend shoots are an additional cost.  You’ll be billed the first of every month.  Taxes are added to all packages.  After the three-month commitment, you can cancel with a 30-day notice.  Work not performed in a month due to your scheduling or communication does not roll over to the next month.   All the extras are extra such as voice-over artist, 3D animation, aerial/drone videography, and stock images. If these are needed, you’ll be billed additional fees.