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BlogEnvy: Meta Announces New Changes for Videos on Facebook

BlogEnvy: Meta Announces New Changes for Videos on Facebook

Enhanced Video Editing Tools 

Facebook is bringing Reels’ editing to Feed videos. By incorporating the same powerful editing tools from Reels, users can now create dynamic and engaging videos directly within the Feed feature. These tools will empower users to express their creativity, enhance their video content, and help them reach people with similar interests. Also, Meta revealed that users can now upload HDR videos from their phones to Reels and be able to play back that video in full HDR. 

Videos are Centralized Under a New Tab 

Soon, users can find all video-related content including Reels, long-form videos, and Live under the Video tab which used to be called Facebook Watch. That’s where they will be able to watch recommended reels, short-form videos, and Live which they can scroll horizontally and jump to short-form videos and Live content through a vertical-scrolling feed, making it much easier to navigate to their most-used parts of the app. 

Facebook Makes it Easier to Discover Popular Videos 

The Explore option which is located in the search feature has been redesigned to help users discover popular video topics. Meta describes this video deep dive: “We use a mix of human curation and machine learning to select topics and videos that are popular and surface the ones we think you will enjoy and find interesting.” 

Facebook Users Can Now Engage with Instagram Reels 

With this update, Facebook users can now read and write comments on Instagram Reels without needing to switch between apps. Instagram creators will have even more reach, even if they don’t have a Facebook page. This makes it even easier to connect with the things and people who matter most.   

For more details, read Meta’s announcement here