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Corporate Video Production FAQ

Corporate Video Production FAQ

Q: How much time does it take to shoot a corporate video?

A: It varies based on the subject, the expected length of the final video, and its purpose. Social media videos like our VideoShorts can be shot in an hour which includes set up time. A 3-minute video typically takes a ½ day to a full-day. Videos that require multiple locations to capture content can take more than a day.

Q: How much does a typical corporate video production cost?

A: Similar to the above question, costs vary depending on the length of the video and the content needed. A video shot in an hour is going to cost less than a video that requires a full day of production. We put together custom proposals for all our clients based on their needs and goals.

Q: I know a marketing video would be great for my business’s marketing and social media purposes, but I have no idea what to say or do! How do I come up with content for the video?

A: We can help. Prior to any production, we’ll have a thorough phone conference or in-person meeting to discuss your overall goals and where you plan to use the video. Based on this information, we can suggest various topics from educating your potential customers about your services to capturing a customer testimonial.

Q: Where do you shoot your videos?

A: We shoot our videos on location at the customer’s office/facility. If the video is a customer testimonial, we will shoot the video at the testimonial’s location. We’ve shot in manufacturing facilities, offices, hospitals, the oilfield, parks, restaurants, small businesses, homes and just about any place you can imagine.

Q: What is the typical process for shooting videos?

A: We will first do the pre-production phase which involves asking a lot of questions to you so we can understand the goals of the video. We’ll conduct pre-interviews on the phone (if needed), plan the needed shots, create a timeline for the shoot day and send you a preparation package. Then, the day of the shoot, we’ll handle all the production and conduct the on-camera interviews. After the video production, we’ll then begin the script writing which includes transcribing the interviews and picking the best ones and weave together the story. We’ll then edit combining the best shots that tell the story. We’ll create custom-made video graphics and add the music which gives the video the final element that pulls the video altogether.

Q: How can I get the most mileage out of our marketing video production?

A: You can use your video in all aspects of your company. Make sure you promote it on all your social media channels. Your sales team should use it as part of their sales package. You can include it in your email campaigns, advertising campaigns, and more!

Q: Can VideoEnvy handle a large-scale production?

A: Absolutely! We have handled many large-scale productions. Generally speaking, our small crew can produce pieces on level with 10+ people production crews, which saves you money. When a bigger production or project is required, we call in our best partners to help capture all the moments. We’re scalable to meet your needs.

Q: How do I go about getting a quote for my specific corporate video production project?

A: Contact us on our website, by phone, or email, and we will reach out to you to gather some basic details about the project you have in mind. Then we will return a quote and scope of the project to you within a week.

Q: What should I wear for my corporate video production?

A: This is one of the most common questions we get asked before doing an on-camera interview. First think about something you feel the most comfortable wearing. The better you feel about yourself, the better you will do in the interview. Your clothing should reflect your personality and be timeless. Generally, solid colors do look better on camera instead of busy stripes or patterns. Avoid wearing anything seasonal or holiday apparel. Pick colors that look the best with your complexion and try to avoid solid black and white. Most importantly, make sure your clothes fit well and are pressed.

Q: Can you remove that object from the video? Can you straighten my necklace? Can you remove those papers from the desk?

A: Video doesn’t work like photographs. Video is moving. You can’t “cut out” an element (well technically, it is now possible in some situations, but it is very time-consuming which increases edit time and production costs). You can’t straighten a tie or necklace. We want you to have the best video shoot possible. It’s why we give you tips in our pre-production package. We want you to look around the space and make sure all the elements you want are there, and the elements you don’t want are gone.

Q: Do you use teleprompters, cue cards, or notes?

A: Using a teleprompter requires practice. Put someone in front of a teleprompter that hasn’t use one, and you’ll get eye-darting, monotone reading and poor delivery. Your audience will be bored and your message will be lost. Bring in the cue cards then, right? Wrong. Cue cards are placed above, below or to the side of a camera. The talent’s eyes dart off to the cue card. They don’t look the viewer “in the eye.” The powerful remarks dissipate. No need to worry though. VideoEnvy makes the process of presenting in front of a camera easy and comfortable. Our extensive experience with all types of presenters and venues ensures you and your team can work with us to get your messaging succinct and “from the heart” with no need to use teleprompters and cue cards.