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How To Record Your Child’s Event

How To Record Your Child’s Event

The baseball game is exciting with the score tied in the top of 5th. Your son Timmy is tapping home plate with his bat and eyeing down the pitcher. He’s ready to knock the ball out of the park. You immediately pull out your phone to capture the moment in video.

Bam! Timmy hits the ball, slides into second and brings in a runner. You’ve got it all on video!

Hours later, you’re loading the video to your Smart TV and realize it looks a bit odd. Why is there so much space on either side? You’ll see this same issue when you see news stations show video sent in by a viewer.

It’s a common problem and it’s all because you shot the video vertically instead of horizontally. It’s natural to pull out your phone and shoot the video like the way you hold your phone. The problem is, you’re missing much of the action.

Take a look at these two videos of a swim meet and you’ll see the difference.

It’s an easy fix, and one you’ll appreciate down the road. Just pull out the phone, turn it and then start shooting the action. After all, when Timmy gets picked up by the Astros, you’ll have home video the sportscasters will want.