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Producing Virtual Graduations

Producing Virtual Graduations

You mark it on your calendar. You count down the days. You plan the parties. Graduation is celebrated by students, teachers and families. Whether you’re in high school or college, medical or law school, or a masters or doctoral program, graduation marks an important milestone. It’s the culmination of hard work, persistence and dedication. With Covid-19, graduations are being postponed or cancelled. However, there is still a way to celebrate graduations and continue to recognize students and their achievements and that’s with a virtual graduation.

VideoEnvy can produce a virtual graduation for any school or program. It’s provides a way to recognize every student, celebrate special achievement, and even hear commencement addresses from school leaders and other speakers. The program can be livestreamed to YouTube, Facebook and other channels. Families can still gather around in their living rooms and watch the ceremony on their computers or smart TVs. They can cheer when they see their graduate’s picture on the screen. They can still be inspired by the commencement speaker’s encouraging words. Graduation can continue, just in a different way.

In a time of social distancing, it’s important to remember life’s milestones. To celebrate them. To honor them. To not let them pass without recognition.

Let VideoEnvy take your graduation virtually.

Hybrid Graduation Model

Do you want to celebrate in person but limit attendance? VideoEnvy can live stream your graduation so family members at home can watch. This is a great solution to allow students to be present, sitting six feet apart, and still have the opportunity to walk across the stage (but skip the hand shaking).


VideoEnvy provided the video services for the 2019 Rice Commencement.