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Need Ideas? 20 Types of Videos Your Company Should Do

Need Ideas? 20 Types of Videos Your Company Should Do

You know you need to add video, but maybe it just doesn’t fit into your marketing budget. Or, maybe you don’t have the staff or know how to get started. The simple and affordable solution is VideoShorts. A VideoShort by VideoEnvy is just like the name says – a short video. These (max one minute) videos are the perfect way to keep content fresh, engage people on social media channels, help with email newsletters and drive people to your website.

Videos examples that are good for a VideoShort :

1. Product Sales – highlight your monthly specials
2. Product Demonstrations – show off the features of a product
3. CEO updates – give quarterly updates to your board members or employees
4. Employee features – find out what the person does daily
5. Business tips – give advice to entice them to want more
6. Showcase a special event coming up
7. Seasonal sales – show off what’s new this month or quarter
8. Tips of the trade – establish yourself as the expert, no matter the field
9. Q & A – answers the questions you’re commonly asked
10. Invite people to a party or happy hour/holiday party/workshop
11. Thank you video for non-profits
12. Tell a personal story of someone who was impacted in a positive way by your company
13. Feature an “Employee of the month”
14. Start a “Why I love my job” series and have employees mention one thing they love about their job
15. Say hello to new LinkedIn (or other social media) connections
16. Say thank you to sponsors and those who attended a conference or workshop
17. Welcome a new board member to the team
18. Give a behind-the-scenes look at something people normally wouldn’t get to see
19. Read reviews posted on social media outlets about your company, and thank those people for taking the time to comment
20. Announce a contest

VideoShorts are shot at your location in one hour. We show up with an experienced professional videographer who understands lighting, framing, composition, and audio. We edit, add graphics and/or music and deliver your video available for download. For more on how it works and pricing – check here. You can also check out our portfolio and give us a call at 832-299-4955 or fill out our contact form.