Aneden Gives Mission Video

Infertility is an issue that prevents many people from being able to achieve their dream of having a family. Medical treatments for these issues such as clomid and IVF are available, but expensive. That's where the non-profit Aneden Gives comes in. They're here to help with the financial burden and provide a network of support for people struggling to create their dream family. We shot four interviews over the course of 3 days using two 4k cameras and professional lighting. We also captured real b-roll of what an appointment with an infertility specialist as well as Amber & James' happy ending with their beautiful boy, Remington. Post production included substantive content editing, light and color corrections, music, and graphics -- all to make a compelling and cohesive video.

Aneden Gives Short

This is a short version of Aneden Gives' Mission Video. We condensed and cut the overall video without losing any of the messaging so that the information comes across quicker. Videos at this length are perfect for social media platforms or any other place where audience's are pressed for time or have fleeting attention.