Customer Testimonial Video - EnerCorp

VideoEnvy produced this customer testimonial video for LiquidFrameworks, a Houston-based field management software company. LiquidFrameworks used the video to kick off its annual user conference and showcase how its client, EnerCorp, uses its software product called FieldFX. To produce this testimonial video, VideoEnvy conducted a pre-interview call with EnerCorp to gain background knowledge on EnerCorp's experience with the FieldFX software. We strategized how to tell an effective story that would let viewers relate to EnerCorp's original problems and how FieldFX solved them. VideoEnvy shot video and interviews at EnerCorp's headquarters in The Woodlands and at two of its field offices in Midland/Odessa. Using the footage and interviews, we scripted and edited this customer testimonial video. LiquidFrameworks uses this customer testimonial video for sales and marketing.