Sales Video – Facility Tour

Before making a purchase decision, Glex’s prospective clients want to see its facility including how big it is, and how the fabrication and assembly areas are separated. Since it’s not possible for all clients to travel to the Houston facility, Glex needed a video tour. VideoEnvy worked with Glex to determine the focus areas. We spent a half-day shooting video inside all three buildings including capturing aerial footage with a drone. We then took the client’s PowerPoint Sales presentation and pulled key facts to create custom-made video graphics. We edited all the elements together to showcase Glex’s Houston facility. The client will primarily use the video as a sales tool.

GLEX Capabilities

Glex is a Houston manufacturing facility, and it wanted to highlight its capabilities through a video that can be showed with potential customers worldwide. VideoEnvy's videographers shot footage from the ground and air using 4K and drone cameras. We created graphics to highlight key messaging points and edited the video.