KIRIS System - Closed Impeller

Key Pump & Gear developed a new product specifically designed to remove impellers from industrial pumps. The tool designer wanted to market this new tool with a video. He had originally produced and shot his own video. He realized to reach his market he needed to switch from a DIY YouTube video to a professional video. He reached out to VideoEnvy for help.

To start the project, we gained knowledge on the system and then wrote two separate scripts to distinguish between the two different impeller tools. The video needed to be a combination of a promotional video and an instructional video. To get people to purchase the KIRIS system, we had to show step-by-step how it worked.

We then shot the video at the client’s facility in Dayton, TX. We wanted to showcase the look of a real tool shop. We shot with two different 4K cameras at different angles. In addition, we shot each take multiple times to add a variety of shots to allow potential customers to see it.

We sourced the voice-over talent and provided all post-production services including video graphics and editing.

The client now has professional instructional video to send to prospects.

KIRIS System - Open Impeller