SpringSpirit 2023

SpringSpirit is a non-profit organization that provides children and their families opportunities to get involved in sports, education, and mentoring programs. We shot and produced this video for SpringSpirit's annual Breakfast of Champions fundraising event which celebrates their impact over the last year. When you're ready to start a project of your own, give us a call: 832-299-4955.


[MUSIC PLAYING] Matias is the most kind kid that I've ever seen. He has a big heart. He is goofy. He's very smart. He's very athletic. And the most important part that I love about him is struggles to get his goal happen. [MUSIC PLAYING]

SpringSpirit the most important part is get the kids' heart, and then their mind, and then the body. Well, the concept the whole child has always been central to our vision. In the early days, we had a sports and recreation ministry, and that was it. And then we started the ministry component, and then we started the education component, and now we have a critical mass in all of those that we have touches with these kids in a number of different ways.

Here when he comes, he told me, mommy, do you know that we pray every day? And do you know that God did this to us and did that to other people and he created the world and all that kind of thing that you don't know as a parent how you can teach that to a six-years-old, and that was great. [MUSIC PLAYING]

So I get a little emotional because it's something that you don't see. It is amazing seeing seven-years-old has a beautiful heart. And I think this society need see that, and not see money and 100 in your grades.

It's about getting kids when they're younger and young enough that you can build a relationship with them and with their families, because we're not a substitute to their families. We are a complement to their families. It's not just SpringSpirit. SpringSpirit and the partners that we have that I think we do a good job of using that trusting relationship to support the families, support the parents, and support the kids in their own life journey.


It's not a secret for anybody that if your child wants to do an extracurricular activity, everything is so expensive. And as a single mom, you think, I want to do grocery or I want him to develop some sports. This big opening for moms as me that work hard, but it's never enough to cover all the expenses it's a good door to come in and show the kids that they can do it. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Last year he went to the tryout for Toros, and he didn't made it. So the coach explained to him why he didn't made it. They don't say you are not good enough, they say you are good, but you need to get better in this and this and this, and I promise you that you will be a really good Toros. So he did work, he did come, and he made it, and he's so excited about it.

I call it a multidisciplinary approach. We bring all the people together twice a year that are working with the kids, and you can start to see where there's stability and where there's instability. And where there's instability, then we can say, what's the best one or two things we can do to support them for the next six months until we meet again?

And actually, the teacher call me one day, he's doing great in Spanish and English. And I was like, oh, my God, that's thank to SpringSpirit. Because my first language is Spanish, so it's hard for me teaching him how he can pronounce this stuff.

And our goal is to have 100% of our kids reading at level by the time they go to middle school. So we have working with the school district identified a curriculum that they use in the schools. And we've set up programming that augment what the schools do to help the kids improve, and we can see it has impact, it's clear. I think if we can make a difference in this community, it would be a demonstration that that kind of difference can be made in other communities as well.

They impact the heart, the soul, and the mind. And if they want that for the kids to grow with more stronger personality and kind and respectful, just open the SpringSpirit door.

Everybody here gets notes from a kid that says, thank you for believing in me, and helping me, and persevering with me, and supporting me, and encouraging me, and teaching me tough life lessons. SpringSpirit changed my life as a mom. And for that reason, I want to change some other mom's life. [AUDIO LOGO]