St. Stephen's Middle Years Promo

St. Stephen’s Episcopal School Houston is a Montessori-based early childhood to middle years school based in the heart of Montrose. VideoEnvy has been the school’s video production partner for the past several years. For this project, the school’s marketing team wanted to capture video interviews with families graduating from the school. We were tasked with producing a series of one-minute social media videos. We wanted to capture the family’s excitement with the program and why they would recommend it to other families. We provided the producer/interviewer, two videographers and professional equipment. We conducted the interviews on campus. Because school was already out for the summer, we couldn’t shoot any video footage of the students. We relied on still images and our archive of video footage to edit the videos. The testimonial-style videos are used on the school’s social media channels and website.


[MUSIC PLAYING] I could not be more grateful for the opportunity that the Middle Years Program provided for my son. I had a kid like a lot of middle schoolers with anxiety, insecurities. He came out so empowered and so aware of his potential. It was so transformative. My son started instead of saying, Oh, my weakness is this, he started saying, I'm challenged by this because they said you don't have a weakness, you just need to learn another strategy to approach this.

They just found a way to get in to every learning style and bring out the best in every kid. I've got two kids that are close to the same age, and I can tell you what he's learning here is a little bit above and beyond. There is a powerful sense of kindness at St. Stephen's. And I use the word powerful because kindness seems subtle but it can be very, very powerful.