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Thursday Tips: 5 Ideas for Video Content

Thursday Tips: 5 Ideas for Video Content

We know that coming up with video content ideas can be hard. Instead of trying to come up with something interesting every time you’re in front of the camera, this video provides five ideas for videos you can take from your daily work life. These ideas can be broken down into any sort of unique content that will help your business stand out from the crowd.


Here’s a problem that we often hear. You know the importance of videos, but you just don’t know what type of videos to create. You can’t come up with content ideas.

We have five tips to help you get started. First, think about those questions that your sales team or your staff is constantly answering. There’s probably a common theme. Now create videos to answer those questions.

Two, what are your differentiators? What makes you different? Put those in a video. Three– what is your why, why do you do what you do? Create a video to explain it. Four– do you have a unique process or something very industry-specific? Explain it in a video.

And five– do you already have blogs written? Take those blogs and turn them into videos. For every paragraph, you could even have a VideoEnvy mini. Use these five tips to get started on creating your video content.