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Thursday Tips: Chroma Key or Green Screen

Thursday Tips: Chroma Key or Green Screen

Want to learn how to shoot a video in front of a green screen?

In this video, you’ll learn some of the basics and common mistakes to avoid when shooting a video in front of a green screen.

Using a green screen properly can transform the background of your video into a completely different environment, or provide a neutral backdrop that allows viewers to focus on you or your subject.


A chroma key screen is a great option when your office space is very plain or you want a specific background for everyone on camera. With a green screen, I can be anywhere, from somewhere scenic to a new office, to even have rolling video behind me.

To use a chroma key screen, we want to demonstrate a few pointers. You want to make sure that the lighting is even on the talent. You don’t want any shadows behind me.

The chroma key screen should also have its own light source. The green screen should be very taut, with no wrinkles. This pop up screen works great.

And finally, the person on camera can’t wear anything green. Right now, there are no issues with my clothing. But watch what happens when I put on a green shirt.

As you can see, this green shirt is now see through, and you only see my face and my neck and my white blouse. Watch what happens when I put on a different colored shirt.

This shirt, although it isn’t all green, it has specks of green, which makes it very hard to key. Green screen gives more flexibility, but it does take longer in post-production because you have to composite the video, meaning remove this green screen.

Plus, this limits the camera angles. It’s very difficult to shoot a green screen with a side profile shot. Because now there’s nothing on my right.

Overall, a green screen can be a great tool when you’re limited in your location. You just have to know how to use it properly.