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Thursday Tips: Equipment & Set-up

Thursday Tips: Equipment & Set-up

Ever wonder how long it takes to set up for a video shoot? In this Thursday Tip video, Heather Sasser touches on everything from the equipment we use to having the right camera angles before the shoot begins.



When we build our production day timelines, we build about an hour for set up time. And that often surprises a lot of our clients, so we wanted to explain why it takes some time.

And this is the equipment we’ll bring. We have multiple light kits, cameras, tripods, audio packs, and many, many data cards. It’s professional equipment, not just an iPhone, and it takes time to set up. Plus we need to pick the right background and location for the interviews.

And since we normally shoot with two cameras, we have to make sure both camera angles look good. For instance, this looks good. That one, not so much.

And if we’re only shooting video footage, set up time doesn’t take us long. Plus if we’re shooting video footage outside, we can be up and running in less than 15 minutes.