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Thursday Tips: Pre-Production Checklist

Thursday Tips: Pre-Production Checklist

For a successful video shoot, you first need to make a plan. This critical first step is known as Pre-Production. This is where you’ll go back to the basics and ask yourself a list of questions that we call the 5 W’s.


On our Thursday Tips, we’ve talked a lot about video production, but we haven’t talked about pre-production. This is the first step in creating a video, and it’s critically important. If you don’t go through it, your video is likely to fall flat.

So how do you get started? We recommend going back to the basics starting with the 5 W’s. Why are you creating this video? What’s the goal? Who’s the target audience? Where is the best place to shoot it? And when is the best time to shoot it?

Answer those questions first, then use those 5 W’s and go back again with the messaging in the content. Who’s going to tell the story? What is the story? And if you follow those guidelines and answer those 5 W’s for each step of the process, you’re on your way to a successful video.