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Thursday Tips: Shot Composition

Thursday Tips: Shot Composition

In this Thursday Tips video, you’ll learn about how certain shot composition and framing choices not only add depth to your subject but can also create compelling footage for your on-camera interview.



When you’re shooting your next on-camera interview you want to think about your shot composition. What I mean by that is you want to make sure the person on camera is placed directly in the right spot of that lens because you don’t want to have too much headroom, and you don’t want to be too tight because you also want to see the space around you. Let me show you some examples. And this is way too much headroom. Now, this shot is super tight. And what happens is now you don’t see the environment. You can’t tell him on a rooftop.

Shooting up at a subject isn’t always flattering. Once in a while at works, but a better solution is to take the camera high, like this where we raise both the camera and myself. So now you can see the beautiful skyline behind me. Think of these composition tips the next time you shoot your video. And remember, it applies to both the regular camera and those Zoom cameras. We don’t want to see your ceiling on your Zoom shots.