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Thursday Tips: Types of Shots

Thursday Tips: Types of Shots

When filming your next video, think about the camera shots and angles that will best tell your story and give your audience a perspective that they wouldn’t normally see.


When you’re getting ready to shoot your next video you want to put together a video shot list. What scenes do you need to tell the story and how will you shoot those scenes? You want a variety of angles and compositions. And you want to take the viewer places that they can’t see with their naked eye. For instance, check out how in this video, we use both wide and tight shots.

If we were to use all wide, the story wouldn’t have the same effect. And if we were to use all close-up shots, we wouldn’t be able to see the entire scene. In these next shots, we give viewers a different perspective, whether that’s looking directly over the top of a scene, extremely low to the ground, or a bird’s eye view of the entire tract of land. Be creative and experiment, that’s how you get the best shots. To get your video production questions answered, drop us a line below.