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Thursday Tips: Using a Teleprompter

Thursday Tips: Using a Teleprompter

If you have ever thought about using a teleprompter for your next video, there are a few things to remember. In today’s #ThursdayTips, we discuss ways to make your time in front of the camera feel more natural and less scripted.


 Recently, we’ve heard more and more leaders talk about using teleprompters. A teleprompter is a great handy device but it has to be used correctly. We’ve shown up on a shoot and a client has decided last minute that he wanted to use a teleprompter. Here’s the problem. He didn’t actually have a true prompter.

Instead, he had his iPhone and had it on a stand to the left of the camera and was reading his script like this. As you can see, my eye-line is not directly into the camera. That’s a problem. When you have a true teleprompter, it’s mounted onto the center of the camera. I’m using one right now.

A few other keys you should know, you need to practice. It’s not easy. The font size has to be just right. And you have to focus in the center of the camera lens, not with your eyes darting from side to side reading every single line one by one. So, a teleprompter, it’s great for longer scripts. You just need to know how to use it correctly.