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Using Clients in Your Marketing Videos

Using Clients in Your Marketing Videos


Using clients in your marketing videos isn’t a new concept. Whether it’s video reviews or testimonials, companies often use their clients’ experiences in ads. But there are many ways to incorporate clients in your marketing videos, and switching it up can provide a variety of outlooks to your audience.


Using clients in your marketing videos gives prospective clients a “real human” element that helps break down the initial barrier between client and corporation. One great and interactive way to do this is having a Q&A session with an established client. Think “20 Questions” but focused on their relationship with your company. Ask your established client questions that any prospective client would have: questions like “Why did you choose our company?” or “Why have you continued your partnership with us?” Never forget that all established clients were prospective clients at one point. Ask them if they had any concerns or hesitations, and see if you can address those. Make sure to keep your video editing quick and upbeat, to better capture your audience’s attention, and hold it until the end.


Another element you can add to the client Q&A is having them use your product in the video, if possible. The power of show-and-tell can’t be overstated, especially in a marketing video. Have your client interact with your product; explain their favorite feature. Prospective clients want to see that they don’t just talk about how much they like your product, but actually use it.


This goes into the next method of using clients in your marketing videos: video reviews. We all know when we shop online, the ‘Review” section is often the first place we go after something catches our eye. It’s digital word of mouth. People trust reviews. And if the review has pictures? Even better. But what if you went one step further with video reviews? Would that set you apart from your competition? Most likely. They can be a quick 10-second blurb about why they love your product, or a longer explainer or how-to video. This part of the creative process is up to you and how much you know about your audience. Does your audience prefer short, quick-paced videos, or longer, more in-depth videos? This is when knowing your audience pays off.


While you can use user-generated-content for all the videos suggested above, these aren’t strictly UGC ideas. If you prefer a more polished, professional look, have your model client come on set and shoot in a professional setting. This is all up to you and the vision you have for using clients in your marketing videos. It also depends on the resources you have for such a project. If you’re looking for a lower budget approach, having clients send in their own videos would help keep costs low, as opposed to hiring an outside marketing firm to film and edit your videos. And that doesn’t make it any less effective! It’s simply a different approach.