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Video Marketing in Social Media

Video Marketing in Social Media

Instagram’s recent announcement that it will be changing to becoming primarily a video platform has cemented the social media world into being a video marketing first entity. This change has been years in the making. Since the rise of the internet and social media platforms, video consumption has increased drastically. According to a HubSpot report, mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year. So it’s no wonder that video is taking over the internet. In fact, by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017. That means your business needs to be investing in video marketing.


Why has video marketing been so successful? The simple answer, again, is that more people are watching more videos. In addition to that, video triggers emotional responses. A good marketing video will make the viewer feel like they need that product or service. A bad marketing video will still make the viewer feel something, though probably not a positive reaction. That’s because videos trigger emotions and emotions drive people to purchase products or services. Finally, video is an always-on salesperson. If a video provides a glowing review of your company, you can consider it to be a salesperson, only one that is always one click away.


One of the best ways to incorporate video in your business’ online presence is through social media. Video ads on social media are the most common way for consumers to find new brands and products before purchasing.  We admit it. We’ve been pulled in by those ads and have bought products we didn’t even know existed!  Hello light-up running vests and cholesterol-lowering food!


Video ads are also a great way to gain exposure for your company’s leaders and establish your expertise in the B2B field.   Want to grow your school’s population or attract people to your college, grab their attention with a video ad.


Social media video generates as much as 1200% more shares than text and image content combined. Why? Because videos are fun and they don’t require any effort on the viewer’s part. Instead of reading a blog or even text on an image, all the viewer has to do is turn on the volume and watch.  In a meeting and can’t listen, no problem? Social videos are also created with captions and graphics for those who don’t want the boss to know what they’re really doing on their phone.


But what kind of videos should you post? And what types of videos are most effective?


Don’t overdo it! Videos under two minutes long generate the most engagement. And don’t bother with a long introduction either. Attention spans are shortening, leaving marketers with just 2.7 seconds to capture audiences. That means put your catch in the first 2 seconds of the video and keep the rest of the details visually interesting and under 2 minutes.


As far as what types of videos are most effective, explainer, product demos, how-to, and testimonials are the four most popular videos businesses produce. This is the content that consumers care about because it directly affects them. Whether they want a demo of how to use a product or reviews from customers who have already tried your product, this is the content consumers are always looking for and will always find helpful.  Event videos and promotional videos are also great marketing videos.


The biggest way to get bang for your buck is to create social media marketing videos from longer content you’re already producing.  If you’re creating a video for your website or as a sales tool or even to kick-off a conference, you’re already capturing footage and interviews.  Use the content that didn’t make the full video and put in a social video.


VideoEnvy can create a video marketing content strategy to leverage your video footage and bring in customers.  Let’s sit down and plan your next video marketing campaign.