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Why Hire A Video Production Company?

We get it. You have a budget, and it seems easy to go with the least expensive option including shooting the video yourself instead of hiring a video production company to create your videos. We encourage you to take a step back and look at things in perspective. Would you hire someone with little or no experience to handle one of your company’s biggest projects? Probably not.  If you think of videos as one of your company’s big investments, you can easily see why turning a project over to video production professionals makes sense.  Videos are an investment and a reflection of your company’s professionalism.  You want to shine, land a client or recruit your next employee. We can create videos to accomplish those goals.

Our Houston video production company has spent years perfecting our skills including pre-production planning, video shooting, capturing clean audio, setting up lights with the correct color temperature, writing video scripts, editing, and designing video graphics.  Plus, we have the professional equipment to make your corporate video shine.  We have 4K cameras with multiple lenses.  Our FAA licensed drone pilots can capture aerial footage with our drone cameras.  VideoEnvy has a full audio package including multiple lav microphones and boom microphones to ensure no one struggles to hear what is said. Not only do we have all the lighting, we know how to use it.  Plus, we’re experienced with all details of pre-production and post-production.  We make your video shoots easy and stress-free.

Video Production Company Houston

We provide full video production services for any format of video including corporate videos, about us videos, school virtual tours, broadcast commercials, fundraising videos for non-profits, promotional, instructional, how-to videos, and social media videos.

Our video production unit is equipped with HD cameras, professional lighting, high-tech audio equipment, a portable green screen, and more. Our crew will ensure the production runs smoothly. On every shoot, we provide a producer to ensure the video shoot stays on schedule, the correct shots are captured and the interview goes smoothly.

Our post-production includes editing using Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, royalty-free music, and other special software to enhance your project.

We can handle your entire project including concept, scriptwriting, professional voice-over, project coordination, producing, and post-production. You don’t have to worry. We handle all the details and will guide you through every step.

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Ready to add a virtual element to your live event? VideoEnvy can provide live streaming production with multiple cameras and pre-produced graphics and videos.

You pick the platform. We handle the production. Not sure which platform to use? Contact us and we can point you in the right direction.

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Drone Videography Services

Drone Aerial Video footage can elevate your video project. With our drone, we can capture breathtaking video of nature, show off an entire property in a single view or follow the action of a race or event. Our drone pilots are also videographers who understand the composition of shots. While anyone can get licensed to be a drone pilot, our crew is experienced videographers used to capturing ground footage, framing shots, and creating the perfect amount of movement. They’ve taken these video skills to the sky. Our drone pilots are licensed FAA Part 107 and are fully insured. Drone services can be added to any project or booked as a stand-alone video shoot. When you need to take your project to new heights, give us a call.

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Video Post Production Services

If you already have video, we can help you turn the raw footage into a story. Our post-production work includes video editing, voiceover work, music, sound effects and graphics. We can deliver your final product in any format to anyone in the world.

VideoEnvy Minis

We get it. You want videos and understand the power of them, but they don’t fit into your marketing budget. Plus, you don’t have the video equipment or the staff to create them.

Good news. We’ve got the solution for you. We call them VideoEnvy Minis.

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VideoEnvy Max

Plan your video content out for the entire year with our VideoEnvy Max packages. Quarterly video shoots will produce short and longer video content to be used across all marketing channels for months.