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Video Production

We provide full video production services for any format of video including corporate videos, about us videos, school virtual tours, broadcast commercials, fundraising videos for non-profits, promotional, instructional, how-to videos, and social media videos.

Our video production services unit is equipped with HD cameras, professional lighting, high-tech audio equipment, a portable green screen, and more. Our crew will ensure the production runs smoothly. On every shoot, we provide a producer to ensure the video shoot stays on schedule, the correct shots are captured and the interview goes smoothly.

Our post-production includes editing using Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, royalty-free music, and other special software to enhance your project.

We can handle your entire project including concept, scriptwriting, professional voice-over, project coordination, producing, and post-production. You don’t have to worry. We handle all the details and will guide you through every step.