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You Need Video: So, DIY or Hire?

You Need Video: So, DIY or Hire?

Have you ever come across a video online and started to watch it, only to realize there was bad audio or blurry images you couldn’t see? You click right off of it, right? BAD VIDEO IS ANNOYING and it could be damaging if your company is the one sharing that bad video. (Can you say – “unfollow?”) That’s why it’s important to get it right. Video can help boost your company’s reach, improve website rankings in search engine results and successfully drive your message in a big way. With the ease of shooting your own video – should you DIY the project or hire a production company to help out? It depends.

DIY Video: using a phone or camera to shoot video and maybe even a mic or tripod.

Positives of DIY video:

• It could have a “raw” feel to it that may be appealing to your audience.
• The unscripted or spontaneous nature of DIY videos will give a real-time look behind the scenes, which is something people love.
• It’s cheap. You can shoot video by using your phone and other apps.

Negatives of DIY video:

• Common problems like bad audio, shaky video, non-supported shots and poor editing really distracts the viewer.
• Often DIY’ing your own video may send the message that you don’t care enough about your business to invest in quality video.
• It’s more time consuming than people think. Producing a one-minute video the DIY way could still take days to get shot and edited together.
• Even if you think you can teach yourself how to edit by watching YouTube videos, learning and actually doing it takes time away from other parts of your business. (Is it worth it?)
• Are you sure you got the message right? Just like you are an expert at your field, a professional video company is an expert at producing compelling videos.

When it could be OK to try a DIY video:

• Video blogs, Simple product demonstration videos, “look live” interviews, when you have plenty of time to spend trouble shooting video clips and editing it together.

Professional Video: Hiring a Video Production Company to handle the video project from start to finish.

Positives of Professional video:

• Using a production company will give your video a more professional look.
• Video experts can help drive the message through the video production and storytelling.
• Bringing in an outside company will give a fresh perspective and bring in new ideas you may not have thought of before.
• You will save a lot of time letting someone else take care of the interviewing, producing, video shooting, writing and editing.
• Professionals will have access to royalty free music, voiceover talent, graphics and other elements that may be needed to make your video great.

Negatives of professional video:

• TIme. If you need a quick turnaround on your video, the production company may not have the time to get to your job in just hours or days like you may need.
• It may be out of your budget. (Although oftentimes people try DIY first, then hire a professional when they realize it’s harder than they thought or when the video fails. This is way costlier than just hiring help in the first place.)

Here is one example from a VideoEnvy client that first tried doing a DIY video, then hired us to do the job in a better way.

DIY Video:

VideoEnvy Video:

When it is a good idea to hire a pro:

• Training videos, Testimonials, Explainer videos, Company Overview Videos, Commercials, any video on the home page of your website, promotional videos.

Bottom line:

First impressions are everything and every type of content you share represents your company. If you share a video with bad audio or even one that is off message for your brand, it could do more harm than good. At VideoEnvy, we take pride in using the latest trends and techniques combined with 25 years of experience and knowledge to help produce the best videos possible.