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Why these 5 Types of Videos Work for Every Business

Why these 5 Types of Videos Work for Every Business

When you’re ready for your next video, start with this list of 5 types of videos that work for every business.

You probably already know that producing videos work for every business and is important, but can also be an overwhelming and daunting task. What kind of videos should you be posting? You already have a lot going on, and brainstorming video ideas might not make the top of your priority list. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of five different types of videos you can shoot and post for your clients. The best part is that these can be professional or amateur videos, and can be customized to any company’s needs.

  1. Product videosProduct photos can be found on every online shopping website, but the websites that also have product videos are the ones that stand apart from the masses. Seeing a product in motion can often be the deciding factor in whether a customer will continue to checkout and buy your item or keep browsing.  Product videos show your product’s features, how it works, and what makes it different from other similar products. Not only does it show what sets your product apart, but what sets your company apart from other competitors. These videos work for every business, including service-oriented businesses, if you treat your service as a product.
  2. Explainer videosExplainer videos work for every business because they can be related to a product or an idea. If the product you are selling is a bit more complicated to understand, an explainer video might be the perfect thing to push your product page over the edge. Explainer videos also work great for companies that provide services rather than products. A video explaining the process behind a service or what the day-of preparations would look like. A glimpse at a process like this can put a customer’s mind at ease, especially if it’s their first time outsourcing this kind of project or if it’s their first time working with your company.
  3. Testimonial videosThe only thing better than having videos on your business website or social media networks is having testimonial videos. Testimonial videos show prospective clients your product/service and how it has served other clients. It also shows that your clients believe in your business so much that they’re willing to associate their face with your brand, which isn’t an easy feat. It’s like having a review and advertisement all in one. As the saying goes, work smarter not harder.
  4. Company culture videosClients trust brands they can identify with. Showcasing your company culture shows clients the people who will be working on the product or service they will be purchasing. Creating that connection between your company culture and prospective clients decreases the likelihood that those clients will click away or go to a different provider. This can be something as simple as a walk-through video, where you walk through the office and have your employees wave at the camera. Or show off your employees at a work function, party, workshop, or event. These are definitely videos that work for every business because every business has a character. It doesn’t have to be a complicated, elaborate video; it just has to show your office’s personality.
  5. Social videoIn 2021, it seems like every business has all the social media accounts. The biggest difference is how effectively they use them. Posting videos on social media is one way to set apart your company’s social feed. It’s also a good way to break up a regular stream of photo or paragraph posts. Any of the above types of video can be used for social media postings.

BONUS: Social media teaser videos: Think social media video, but teasing forward to future events, products, updates, reveals, anything your company has coming in the near future. Don’t reveal too much in these “teaser” videos, but just enough to keep your customers interested and keep checking back for new updates.