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7 Reasons You Should Consider Adding Video To Your Marketing Plan

7 Reasons You Should Consider Adding Video To Your Marketing Plan

It’s no secret video is a great way to reach people and one of the best ways to drive your message. It’s only going to keep growing in popularity. Online video is set to account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020 (Cisco). But, you might need help convincing your boss to make video a budget priority. Here is a great list of reasons to add video to your marketing plan, complete with video examples.

Video gives a face to your brand

A short video can say much more than a photo or content article about your business. Videos are a great way to brand your business and give people a “real person” look at the company, what goes on behind the scenes or the personal side of what you stand for. This can even mean testimonials from current clients. Hearing from someone who is already happy with your product can be a decision maker for a potential client.

In this video for LiquidFrameworks, we showcased testimonials from customers.

Video will Showcase Your product

Videos can really show what your product can do and how it works. For example, this video we produced for KIRIS System shows a new product specifically designed to remove impellers from industrial pumps. This video shows how it works and has been used to help market the new tool to potential customers.

Here’s another example of a product demonstration done for JETECH.

Video can help explain what you do

By adding video, you are creating conversation about your brand or business. Even if you don’t think you have the right elements to make a video, there are always creative alternatives. For example, in this video we produced for the non-profit group, Clayton Dabney for Kids with Cancer, we only had a few still photos. Shooting video and personal photos was not an option. By using motion graphics, creative writing and stock photos, we were able to create an engaging video that helps explains more about Clayton Dabney for Kids with Cancer.

Here is another example. Genuent hired VideoEnvy to capture its one-hour panel about cybersecurity. We then edited together the best moments and added graphics to match the client’s marketing materials.

Video is Versatile

Once you have a video created, you can use it in various ways for your company. Video can be used in social media, email campaigns, blogs, pitches, for in-house training and much more. One video can be adjusted to fit different formats and can help drive traffic back to your website.

Help Your Company Rank Higher

Did you know the popular search engine Google owns YouTube? This means having video on your website can help your company rank higher in search results. To put it simply, if you search for a topic on Google and you have a video on YouTube related to that topic, it is more likely to show up in the search engine results. Videos can help your company rank higher in keyword searches, which organically helps people find your company.

Video Helps Click-Through

You may have the perfect newsletter complete with great stories and stellar photos, but do people actually open and read it? Simply using the word “video” in the title of your newsletter means more people will open it. (Really! The use of video has been shown to DOUBLE click-through rates on email campaigns.)

Video will Increase Engagement

People are nearly 10 times more likely to share, comment and engage with a video post on social media compared to photos or blog posts. You work hard at your business and using video is just one way to reach new people and show others who you are.

All you need to do now is get started! These days, everyone has a video camera right in their pocket on their smartphones. So, should you just DIY a video and call it a day? Maybe. Here’s a look at when DIY is OK and when you should just hire a professional for help.