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Marketing Agencies And VideoEnvy Are Perfect Partners

Marketing Agencies And VideoEnvy Are Perfect Partners

Marketing agencies simply can’t put their client’s video needs on the back burner anymore. Video is king and now more than ever people just expect businesses to have video.  Marketing agencies plus video production companies like VideoEnvy can team up for their clients and provide a win-win solution with solid video content.

Your clients may be asking for video help and we know there is already a lot on your plate as an agency professional. Outsourcing the job to a video production company just makes sense. Why?

  • Saves You Time and Money   A lot of clients end up calling a professional video company for help after they have tried (and failed) to do it on their own. This is added time and expense that you can save upfront if you just trust a video production company to take care of it for you from start to finish. With a video production company, you are leveraging years of experience and the latest technology to have your video made. A high-quality production will put your client’s video above others.
  • High-quality equipment   Sure, you can try to do the video yourself or maybe hire someone in the building who might have video experience, but nothing beats professional video and audio equipment. (Have you ever watched a video with bad audio? You click off immediately, right?) A video production company will bring the best equipment which means the sound and video quality will be perfect. A seasoned production company will know about lighting, what video shots to get, how to ask the right interview questions, how to add graphics and much more.
  • Outside Perspective  A professional video crew is a second set of eyes to give a new perspective for the client. A video production company will take the time to understand the brand in order to best communicate the message. They have years of experience in coming up with creative ways to tell a story with video. Often, they know better than you about what will make a good video, how to produce the video and the topics that will work best.
  • Scripting Style Expertise  Often, people think writing a video script is like writing a newsletter article or company brochure. Writing scripts for video involves several steps and usually starts before the video shooting even begins. When writing, the producer of the video project structures the interview questions and video shot plan with the final script in mind. This is the biggest part of having a video made and is something the video production company will handle from start to finish.
  • Helps You Focus  You are working on RFP’s, creating proposals and developing pitches, let a video production company handle the video. Taking that huge task off of your plate helps you do your job better and will ensure that the video made for your clients is professional and impressive. Simply put: having your video professionally done frees up your time to focus on other areas of your business.
  • Choose the right Video Agency  When looking for a video production agency check out their latest work. At VideoEnvy, we do everything from video testimonials, commercials, training videos, event services, explanation videos and more. Our team has a background in the “news” business which means we have worked on just about every type of video project you can imagine. VideoEnvy has a portfolio of diverse types of video which could translate to any company or client.
  • Part of our job is to brainstorm video ideas that would work best for you. Here are 20 types of videos we could help you do.